WISE Partners

The following snapshots of each lead partner describe their current WISE efforts. Collectively, their work continues to inform this toolkit.

WISE California


Cardea, the lead organization for WISE California, is a nonprofit organization that provides training, technical assistance and organizational capacity building around a wide range of social and health services including sexual health education. The California WISE Initiative is working directly with a number of school districts in the greater San Francisco Bay Area as well as supporting efforts to replicate some key WISE activities in counties statewide.

WISE Colorado

Colorado Youth Matter

Colorado Youth Matter (CYM), a statewide nonprofit and lead organization for WISE Colorado efforts, came to WISE with a history of sex education and pregnancy prevention efforts. State legislation passed in 2007 (HB 07-1292) – an “if, then” law which does not mandate sex education, but stipulates that when sex education is taught it must be science-based and comprehensive – created a new climate and opportunity for WISE efforts in Colorado.

WISE Georgia

Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential

The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP), the WISE Georgia lead agency, is a statewide nonprofit organization working with young people, giving them the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to make good, healthy choices.



EyesOpenIowa (EOI), a statewide nonprofit organization committed to improving adolescent sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention in Iowa communities, took on the role of leading WISE Iowa to advance sex education in Iowa schools. EOI works with administrative stakeholders to assess schools' current policies and practices and provides technical assistance and training in response to schools' needs to fully implement evidence-based programs. In this way, EOI has been steadily institutionalizing sex education in Iowa including among some of its largest districts.

WISE Louisiana

Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies

The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies is working to build the capacity of charter schools in New Orleans to deliver comprehensive sexuality education.

WISE Mississippi

Mississippi First

Since 2010, Mississippi First, the lead organization for WISE Mississippi, has been working with the Mississippi State Department of Health and the Women's Foundation of Mississippi to implement sex education in public schools through the Creating Healthy and Responsible Teens (CHART) Initiative. With the WISE partnership, Mississippi First is working to expand the number of schools that are implementing sex education and strengthen their efforts.

WISE Nebraska

Nebraska Department of Education

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) joined WISE in 2014. Their WISE-funded efforts continue to support a long history of providing technical assistance, training and resources to school districts statewide who seek assistance in implementing sexual health education initiatives that prevent or reduce the risk of pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs.

Women's Fund of Omaha

The Women's Fund of Omaha's Adolescent Health Project incorporates WISE into their overall strategy to create sustainable community-wide change to increase sexual health knowledge among youth and improve sexual health outcomes in Douglas County.

WISE New York

Genesee Valley Educational Partnership

The Student Support Services Center of the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership is working statewide to advance implementation in grades 4-12.

WISE North Carolina

SHIFT NC (Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens)

SHIFT NC, formerly the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina (APPCNC), is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health. Since joining WISE in 2011, SHIFT NC has focused on institutionalizing sex education in North Carolina public schools by helping school systems and schools assess their capacity, update policies and procedures, build an internal culture that is supportive of adolescent health, and gain the training and technical assistance needed to fully implement exemplary sex education.

WISE Oregon

Oregon Department of Education

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE), has been working with a coalition of strategic stakeholders to advance sexuality education for a number of years. The WISE Oregon process includes a comprehensive series of trainings for teachers and administrators as well as technical assistance to meet state policy requirements.

WISE Texas


Cardea, the lead organization in California and Washington, is now expanding their work to include Texas, the newest site to join the WISE Initiative.  With a goal to increase the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of sex education programs, Cardea will establish a Learning Collaborative with a cohort of Texas school districts to support them in adopting and implementing sex education that aligns with the Texas Academic Standards.  Current Texas law emphasizes abstinence, but does not preclude additional topics of instruction.

WISE Washington


WISE Washington is led by Cardea, a nonprofit organization that provides training, technical assistance and organizational capacity building around a wide range of social and health services including sexual health education. Cardea is a champion of state and local sex education policy and implementation efforts.

WISE West Virginia

West Virginia Free

WISE West Virginia is assisting schools in implementing West Virginia's Next Generation Health Education Content Standards and Objectives in grades 5-12. WV FREE is working to bring a variety of stakeholders to the table including state departments of education and health and human resources, community coalitions, regional education service agencies, superintendents, young people and elected leaders to assess current delivery of sexuality education and community needs.