Implement Sex Education

The purpose of this phase is to prepare for, and actually deliver, a sex education program!

About This Phase 

All of the important foundational work achieved in previous phases finally leads to classroom instruction of the selected curriculum. There are also the practical, logistical challenges of coordinating staffing, scheduling instruction, and allocating sufficient time for professional development.  Check out the Implementation Planning Worksheet, which can help you think through who will be delivering sex education and when.  

Steps to Implement Sex Education

Step Results
Train Teachers to Provide Sex Education
  • Teachers receive sex ed instruction and can access ongoing training, resources, and/or professional development
  • Teachers are ready and excited to teach sex education
Implement Sex Education in Classrooms
  • Students receive high quality sex education in classrooms
Monitor and Review Sex Education Implementation
  • There is a systematic approach to ensuring sex education is being implemented and that the sex education curriculum is a strong fit for students’ needs

The long-term sustainability of gains made during this phase of the work is supported by:

  • A plan for new teacher and ongoing teacher training to mitigate the impact of teacher turnover and to support teachers in the long-term.
  • A monitoring or accountability plan to ensure sex education implementation and that the school district maintains compliance with state and school district policy.