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Sex Education Resources

Here you can find relevant research as well as tools, templates and sample documents for each phase of the toolkit.  

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Georgia State and Regional Sex Education Policy Overview

School districts and teachers may not be aware of current sex education policies and education codes that govern sex education. Creating a simple, accessible handout with the key policies and codes can ensure stakeholders understand what is mandated and where opportunities for tailoring to local contexts exist. GCAPP created a state-level overview and regional fact sheets to allow regions to compare their policies with the state policy.


Sample School District Stakeholder Message Development

Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP), a WISE lead partner, developed a simple tool to document the various needs of key constituency groups. This sample shows the different school district stakeholders they engaged and how they tailored their message to distinct stakeholder needs. GCAPP staff would reference this document before conversations with these key stakeholders to ensure they were connecting their efforts to each stakeholder’s needs during every interaction.