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Step 3: Monitor and Review Sex Education Implementation


  • There is a systematic approach to ensuring sex education is being implemented and that the sex education curriculum is a strong fit for students’ needs

Once a sex education program is in place, efforts to monitor implementation can provide accountability and ensure program continuity and quality. Monitoring could take a variety of forms including a simple worksheet teachers complete and submit to document sex education lessons taught; regular assessments of student learning related to the standards/objectives; teacher or principal evaluations; and/or structured department meetings of sex education teachers to facilitate sharing lesson plans, challenges, strategies, etc. The level of monitoring will depend on the context, capacity, and compliance measures of each site.


  1. Confirm curriculum is a good fit after implementation.

    Teachers must be comfortable with and confident in the curriculum they implement to ensure that sex ed continues to be taught in future years. Providing an opportunity to revisit the curriculum and/or provide additional training supports teachers’ ongoing buy-in and support for CSE.


    Create a mechanism to monitor sex education implementation. Determine who will oversee sex education implementation. Having an accountability point person will help the school district maintain compliance with state and school district policy.