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Step 2: Implement Sex Education in Classrooms


  • Students receive high quality sex education in classrooms

Ready, set, go! It is time to get high-quality sex education into classrooms. All the groundwork has been laid: policies and procedures are in place, the curriculum is clear, and teachers have received training. Now it’s time to deliver sex education to students in classrooms.


  1. Plan to support teachers during implementation.

    Teachers must be comfortable with and confident in the curriculum they implement to ensure that sex education continues to be taught in future years. Providing an opportunity to revisit the curriculum and/or provide additional training supports teachers’ ongoing support for sex education.


    Create a mechanism to monitor sex education implementation. Determine who will oversee implementation. Having a sex education accountability point person will help the school district maintain compliance with state and school district policy. Do not sever ties with teachers after training. Having access to real-time support and sustained relationships during sex education implementation allows teachers to ask questions and problem solve as unforeseen challenges arise.